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New, Telehealth, Thought Leadership

Why Should You Consider Telehealth?

January 14, 2020

Not everyone can easily access traditional healthcare. The next question to ask is “Who can and should benefit from telehealth?” All of us. There is a benefit to be had by all but the top priority for those of us in the business of telehealth should be the poor and underserved.

New, Telehealth, Thought Leadership

10 Reasons Not to Implement Telehealth

January 15, 2020

Not everyone should have a Telehealth program for many different reasons. Maybe no one has done the homework needed to make an informed decision, maybe someone heard that a competitor was doing it, maybe someone took the leap without looking. Telehealth isn’t hard but it is something that requires a bit of thought and a bit of planning. So why not do Telehealth?

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