Challenges and Opportunities: Takeaways from the 10th Annual Global Partnership for Telehealth Conference

March 27, 2019|GPT Latest News | 6 Min Read

Blossoming due to revolutionary technology, wider acceptance among traditional providers, patient demands, and increasing traction from payors, health care that leverages technology to serve patients remotely—telehealth—is finally becoming mainstream. Still, we […]

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Does Medicare Permit Physicians to Reassign Their Billing Rights to Hospitals?

March 15, 2019|GPT Latest News | 7 Min Read

One question I’ve been asked repeatedly is whether a physician who provides the professional component of telemedicine services may reassign his or her Medicare billing rights to a hospital. This […]

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The Importance of Telehealth in Sickle Cell Communities

March 8, 2019|GPT Latest News | 5 Min Read

Monica Rockwell, a patient advocate with SWGA Sickle Cell Awareness, provides valuable information concerning the breadth of Sickle Cell diagnoses and shares her own story of using telemedicine to provide […]

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Are You Basing Your Telehealth Strategy on Reimbursement False Assumptions?

March 1, 2019|GPT Latest News | 4 Min Read

Although telehealth is gaining traction as a bridge between patient need for both rural access and urban convenience, reimbursement for telehealth services has made progress in 2018 but continues to […]

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