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The National School of Applied TeleHealth (NSAT) provides healthcare information and education for providers and consumers through the development of a virtual School for Applied Telehealth.

At Global Partnership for Telehealth, we know that knowledge is power. That’s why we’ve created an interactive educational compendium that will assist you, the educator, in preparing your healthcare students to keep up with the ever-evolving telehealth industry.

Our educational compendium includes live telehealth simulation labs and a series of six lectures to be delivered by thought-leaders in the telehealth realm.

With a live telehealth simulation lab, GPT can offer your students their first exposure to telemedicine practices. One of our expert staff will provide your students with a real-time interactive demonstration, highlighting the capabilities of telemedicine with various professional-grade telehealth exam scopes. Allow your students to see firsthand what a telemedicine encounter looks like.

Using years of professional experience and the most up-to-date best practices, our staff of seasoned telehealth experts developed our lecture specifically to give your students a leg up upon entering the competitive healthcare field.

Lectures are available for purchase in a bundle or per course:

  • An Introduction to Telehealth
  • Drivers of Telehealth Expansion
  • Telehealth and the Nursing Profession
  • Telehealth Technology: What Is and What Could Be
  • Integrating Telehealth into the Community
  • Coordination and Clinical Care in a Technology-Driven World

Have a topic in mind that’s not listed? Let us know. We are happy to customize a curriculum that suites your needs.

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